Sugak Ilona Feodorovna

November 25, 2001
Diagnosis: Brain development defect.
Congenital cerebral cyst.
Syndrome of Spastic tetraprease.
Mother Luchenko Lyudmila Anatolievna

093-508-40-96; 067-869-07-28

Mommy girls are calling for help with treatment and rehab. The child was born from the 1st pregnancy, 1 by Caesarean section of the childbirth, in hypoxia, with umbilical cord laceration, weighing 3360 g. Early psychomotor development with delay. Recovery treatment was received at the place of residence. At EEG convulsive readiness is detected.
Diagnosis established on 06/26/2018: Consequences of post-vaccination poliomyelitis. Organic lesion of the central nervous system. The patient is shown surgical intervention in volume: Correction of transient oscillatory osteotomy of both femur bones in v 3, MOS.