Arhipets Natasha

Born July 29, 2005

Dnipropetrovsk region., Krivoy RogThe

diagnosis: osteosarcoma left tibia.

Blood Group: B (III) Rh (+)

Mother Anastasia 097-009-44-54

In June 2015 the girl was playing with her friends at a party, and the leg was broken. X-rays, was put in plaster. A week later came the pain began to increase body temperature, the child began to lose weight. Ambulance brought the girl to the district hospital trauma and child redirected to the regional. Did open biopsy histology conducted and sent to R & D. The Institute painted protocol of treatment and one course himioterpii girl went to the regional hospital in the community. Since August 2015 Natasha continued treatment in pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.

Recharge cards 4149 4978 3449 0023
Recipient: Arhipets Anastasia Vladimirovna.