Sasha Rezugin

Born June 23, 2000

Crimea, Armiansk

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma right tibia

Type: B (III) Rh (-)

Mother Olga 050-065-33-48

In August 2013 on the tibia boy noticed some swelling . Just a couple of days later the child was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis . As a result, established inflammatory bowel assigned treatment and go home , but my mother asked the doctor to look at the incomprehensible swelling . The doctor reassured , saying it was a bruise . After a month in the school gym class , the teacher drew attention to the seal on the child’s leg and started the boy to the clinic . Call mom and recommended to consult a doctor . After X-rays of the child sent to the republican hospital , and after CT - in research . After the examination and was diagnosed in October 2013 with Sasha admitted for treatment in the pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.



Recharge cards 5168 7572 2017 7887

Rezugina Olga .