Solov’eva Victoria

Born February 6, 2006

Rivne region., Bereznovsky district, s. Sivki

Diagnosis: left femoral osteosarcoma.

Type: B (III) Rh (+).

Mother Tatiana 097-810-86-51

 Initially, in September 2013, she began to complain of pain in his leg. Of particular concern is not provoked, but when the child asked for help for exemption from physical education, then went to the district hospital. X-rayed and the girl was sent to the regional hospital. CT made ​​and sent to the research. After the examination, biopsy, and was diagnosed in October 2013 with Vick started treatment in the pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.


Recharge cards 5168 7553 2332 9652

Solovyov Tatiana Talimonovna.