Dadul Eugene

Born July 3, 1997

Odessa region., Lyubashovsky district,

s. Gvozdavka 2

Diagnosis: embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma abdomen

Blood type: O (I) Rh (+)

Mother Olga 098-450-49-89

In early November 2011 a child found on a seal in the groin. Addressed to the urologist. The seal was removed and sent for histological examination, which revealed the presence of malignant cells. In the research confirmed the diagnosis and the boy in the community was 5 courses of chemotherapy. Follow-up examination of CT and MRI showed a relapse. In research recurrence was removed and since July 2012, Jack continued treatment in the pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.



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MFO 305299

USREOU 14360570

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Recipient: Dadul Olga.