Pliska Nikolay

Born August 24, 1995

Transcarpathian region., Vinogradovsky district,

s. Chern

Diagnosis: neyrodermalnaya PNET tumor zabryushnogo space

Blood type: O (I) Rh (+)

Mother Anna 096-737-01-39

In April 2012, Nicholas felt discomfort and tingling in the right ribs. A month later, became visible seal on the edge. Appealed to the district hospital to the surgeon. MRI done and, on the assumption lymphoma, the child was sent to the provincial hospital. The biopsy was not informative and the young man was sent to the NCI. Since June 2012 Kohl began treatment at the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the National Cancer Institute.



a/c 29244825509100

MFO 305299

OKPO 14360570

Purpose of payment: top up cards 5211 5374 3242 1837

Anna M. Pliska.