Dius Vasil

Born December 29, 1995

Transcarpathian region., Mukachevo district,

p. Lesovitsa

Diagnosis: retroperitoneal neuroblastoma.

Blood type: A (II) Rh (+).

Mother Mariana 099-668-90-65

In a year and six months, the boy was diagnosed "juvenile rheumatoid arthritis". The child is constantly ill joints, back. Continuous treatment is not very much help. Gradually, the pain intensified, hemoglobin decreased significantly. They took a bone marrow puncture, my mother drove to the study material in Okhmatdet, where he was diagnosed. At the regional hospital the boy was four courses of chemotherapy. Since January 2013 Basil continued treatment in the pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.


PrivatRecharge card number 4627 0812 0720 9383

Dius Mariana