Korchik Anita

Born July 24, 1998

Diagnosis: rhabdomyosarcoma of the right eye orbis

Blood type: О(I) Rh(+) 
Mother Victoria 063-643-18-38

In January 2012, the girl’s eyes was swollen eyelid. Decided that it was barley. Turned to the clinic to an ophthalmologist, who prescribed drops. After two weeks of treatment, there was no improvement. The child was sent to the Department of Medical city of Eye Microsurgery. The girl looked around all sorts of doctors, had MRI of the head and the doctor said she needed surgery, which costs five thousand hryvnia. My mother did not have the money, and she turned to the friend, who works in Okhmatdet. Asked the Okhmatdet. In the ophthalmology department of child hospitalized had a biopsy and sent to the NCI. Since March 2012 Anita started treatment in the pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.


Purpose of payment: replenishment cards № 4405 8858 2252 9068
Recipient: Korchik Viktoria.