Ivan Yarentenko

Born May 30, 1999
Kiev region., Brovarsky rn, p. victory
Diagnosis: alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma neck with invasion into the left external auditory canal

Blood type: B (III) Rh (+)
Mother Tatiana 050-903-48-77

In November 2010, the parents noticed that a child under the ear kindled lymph node, and a couple of days auricle and formed a red pustule. Appealed to the ENT doctor, who said it, and boil, cut it, removed. With a week with the ointment was applied pads, but there was no improvement. The child was sent to the hospital and assigned treatment. But the treatment did not improve the condition. The parents took the direction of Okhmatdet and took the child to complete a survey. Determined that the child papilloma, which is also increasing day by day. After another consultation with the professor, it was decided to take a biopsy, which showed the presence of atypical cells. Since January 2011, Ivan started treatment in pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.

Card number 4405 8850 1666 0703
Recipient: Tatyana Krutenko (mom), ind.kod 2820108846.