Panasyuk Dennis

Born March 28, 2009
Volyn region., G.Kovel
Diagnosis: Ewing’s sarcoma of the 5th rib with a lesion of the pleura
Blood Type: O (I) Rh (+)
Mother Olga 095-205-44-13
May 2011 a child is ill with bronchitis. The treatment has decided to pass the house. At the end went to the doctor to check. A little more was heard no rattles, has decided to do an x-ray. In the picture was visible swelling. The boy was sent to the regional hospital. After the CT scan, bronchoscopy was sent to the NCI, where, after further examination and biopsy established the diagnosis. Since June 2011 Dennis began treatment at the Department of Pediatric Oncology National Cancer Institute.

Recharge card number 4405 8850 1909 8604
Recipient: Olga G. Panasyuk, ind.kod 2880016766.