Sarafenyuk Dyma

21 October 1994 born
Diagnosis: osteosarcoma n / 3 levoho loins
Blood Group O (I) Rh (-)
Pope Yuri 050-102-89-86
In May 2011 Manuscript child pochuvstvoval pain in his knees at nazhatyy. After two weeks the patient was podnymatsya on stairs. Obratylys k surgeon with pain and mourning for slehka opuhshym his knees. Sdelaly ultrasound, x-rays, Dr. predpolozhyl nadrыv soft tissue. Naznachennoe treatment - ointment obezbolyvanye - gave uluchshenyya and Dima poehal relax at sea. For five days dawned zametnoe Seal and Soon the patient was walking. Pryehav with sea were rolled obraschatsya doctors. X-ray showed the availability of tumors. A znakomыh got offices in kostnoy Oncology at the regional travmatolohycheskoy hospital, where sdelaly byopsyyu, installed the diagnosis. After эmbolyzatsyy, installed endoprosthesis and child arrived in the GDR. C October 2011 year Dima admitted for treatment in the offices of the National institute of child Oncology cancer.