Chubai Bogdan

Born April 18, 2008
Rivne region., Radyvylevsky rn, p. Ivashchuk
Diagnosis: retroperitoneal neuroblastoma
Blood Type: A (II) Rh (+)
Dad Sergei 095-426-04-50
In the family has an older sister, Bogdan and his younger brother. In September 2011 the child began to rise the temperature. Appealed to the medical center and treated with weekly angina. One week after treatment, the temperature began to rise again. The child was sent to the district hospital did an X-ray and three weeks were treated with inflammation. In December, once again began to rise the temperature. The boy was sent to the regional hospital where he was examined a month, directing tests in a hospital in Kiev. CT scan done and sent to the GDR. From January 2012 Bogdan received treatment in pediatric oncology department of the National Cancer Institute.

Purpose of payment: top up card number 5577 2127 1162 2814.
Recipient: Chubai Sergey, ind.kod 3019020870