Vladislav Tihoglaz

Born July 2, 1998
Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma n / 3, the left femur
Blood type: AB (IV) Rh (-)
Mom Valentine 097-268-96-10
Vlad about three years in the business of boxing, with awards and medals. In preparation for the next championship, the training could not squat, there were pains in the leg fatigue. All this is written off to daily practice. Before the competition required medical examination. In January, during such examination, the doctor saw the x-rays in the area of ​​cyst growth and abolished the practice. At this time, friends of the family traveled to Kiev at the Institute of Traumatology and time to practice is not allowed, then Vlad with his mother decided to go for a consultation. Did CT, ultrasound diagnosis and suggested two - tuberculosis of bone and sarcoma. We came home and turned to the regional trauma, who assured that nothing malignant there. The parents decided to take another MRI, after which the child was discharged in the direction of the GDR. Since February 2012, Vladislav started treatment in pediatric oncology unit of the National Cancer Institute.

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